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How to Prepare for a Body Waxing Session

How Should I Prepare?

  • Apply some heat. By taking a warm, not hot shower or bath, or applying a warm compress right before waxing will open up the skin’s pores and soften the skin, allowing the hair follicles to come out easier (this is not always possible). This not only helps with the pain factor, but helping prevent irritation from the wax pulling on the skin.
  • Be clean. Come freshly showered.
  • Be dry. Cleanliness is appreciated, but please skip on the lotion, you'll get better results if your skin is less oily
  • Be hairy. Your hair should be at least ¼ of an inch in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin). Please don't shave for at least two weeks prior to your appointment to ensure that your hair is long enough! Also, if you've 'let it go' down there please trim any longer hairs to the proper length prior to your appointment.
  • Be comfortable. If possible, wear loose clothing, if possible, that day to prevent irritation in the post-wax phase.
  • Be relaxed. Reportedly the more relaxed your muscles are, the better your hair removal results will be!

Pre-Brazilian Waxing Prep:

  • Particularly for women. Your skin is often more sensitive the time near your period, and waxing can be more painful than normal. So your appointment shouldn't be any closer than a couple of days before or after your period. It is up to you, just wear a tampon and let me know prior.
  • Pain helpers. Take Ibuprofen 30- 45 minutes before your appointment if you’re worried about pain. Limit caffeine for several hours prior to appointment. I use a numbing spray prior to every waxing, this will help with the discomfort by 50 to 90% in most clients. Taking antacids (Tums) prior to their appointment also helps.