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Male Body Waxing

I specialize in waxing males from head to toes. Many estheticians refuse to work on men. I keep it professional and make you feel at home. My clients come from all walks of life and color, single, gay, married, young and old.

  • Men who shave are now opting to avoid the itchy ‘five o’clock shadow’ and go for a longer-lasting, smoother solution.
  • Swimmers and body-builders tend to get all of their body hair removed, especially before competition.
  • Personal preference, some guys hate body hair as much as some women!
  • Brazilian waxing for men is generally to feel clean and smooth

Erection during waxing service? This is usually an adrenal response from the waxing service that you have no control over. It's not a problem, as long as you treat me with respect and understand that I am a professional esthetician. Any clients making suggestive remarks whether male or female, the waxing service will end, and full payment would be due whether the waxing was completed or not.